Monday, March 9, 2009

Update on Watson

From Watson's new owners:

Thank you [James] for being so kind and assisting us with the adoption of "WALKER" (Watson).
He is one awesome boy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We couldn't have asked for a better match, he has fit into our family so well and adores being around our daughters.
He has learned to sit, stay, shake a paw and lay down so quickly.
His leash manners are improving quite quickly as well.
In just 4 weeks he has changed from being a quiet supressed fellow to a happy, loving, excitable, funny boy.
WALKER has brought great joy to our family and we look forward to spending our lives together.


Ian said...

I didn`t even have to go back and read about this guy.I remembered him.
So happy for him and I love that name.
Have a real good life Watson.

Cindy said...

I too have a Watson, he is a French Bulldog.