Monday, February 2, 2009

Heat's back on, dogs are back in

Well all the kennels are toasty warm again and just in time to help out with some homeless dogs from Montreal. I wasn't there for the drop off but there must've been a convoy of vans or something because we're suddenly at almost twenty dogs. Some of them are on their way to other shelters or rescues and there's also a few who need to recover from their coughing before they hit the adoption floor at Toronto Animal Services. They're all a good looking bunch and affectionate - at least the ones I've walked so far.

Here's a sampling with more to follow in the coming days when I get time to finish taking their photos:

Watson. Big goofy Lab.

Nips. What a stupid name, probably given to her from some twelve year old wannabe. Nips actually has the gentlest mouth when taking snacks.

Miguel. You know this guy'll go quick.

Britney. Demands belly rubs and very affectionate.

Unnamed white Poodle. Another door crasher.

It's always sad to see so many new dogs come in but on a totally selfish level, it's also like Christmas with so many new and amazing dogs to hang out with and at least here, they'll have a really good chance of getting into good homes.

Update on Watson here.


borderjack said...

The photos are beautiful, as are the dogs. If I could, I'd adopt them all...sigh.

Ian said...

Great looking group of dogs.

Hopefully they`ll each find a special home and we`ll read their update down the road.

onequarterdal said...

Yesterday "anonymous, today onequarterdal". Great looking dogs Fred. Love the photography. Dot

Anonymous said...

Nips was really nice(yes stupidest name ever, I might as well call her niples) Miguel is french for sure, the 2 german shephard pups were adorable wow so many amazing dogs yesterday!!!!!!!!

Scooby Doo is going to my moms farm, she came to see him yesterday and they are a perfect match. God he is cute!! Im so thrilled. I'll get to see him lots now too. so excited!


Fred said...

Hi Susan, congrats on getting Scooby. Wonderful little dog. Please send pics of him on the farm!

Anonymous said...

I will definately keep every one updated on his settling in