Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warm up exercise

If you're feeling a chill on this cold winter day, then go make a pot of tea, get under some blankets and stare at this face for several minutes.

Bertha is an incredibly people friendly dog. Her butt wiggles whenever someone passes by and as soon as I kneel or sit down, she's looking for a lap to crawl onto.

The information sheet on her door said that she's dog aggressive - and she may be - but she exhibited no reaction when we walked by the other kenneled dogs so at least her reactivity is limited in that sense.

If that doesn't warm your heart, then we'll have to try something stronger - like puppies.

Jenny is always overjoyed to have visitors to the point that I have to try to keep her calm so she doesn't jump up and down on her puppies - not that her pups seem to mind being stepped on. They just kind of get squished and then get up and do their own jumping, trying to lick whatever is in reach - like the camera lens which is why the video gets blurrier towards the end.

The fluffy one almost found a new home this past weekend when it fell asleep in the lap of a potential adopter but then reality set in and the adopters realized that they couldn't handle a puppy at the moment (I think they're going to take an older dog - yay!).

It's funny how puppies can transport a person to another dimension. Maybe the Star Trek people should look into that.

And if even those puppies don't warm you up, then pour yourself a mug of whiskey and call it a day.


Ian said...

Pups are getting big and even more adorable if that`s possible.

Bertha looks like a sweetheart.
Is she an older dog?
She has that "I`m confused and lost" look
as if she`s just lost a long time friend and her home.
These are the ones that touch me more so than pups.

Fred said...

I'm not sure what Bertha's story is except that I think she's a local girl - possibly a stray.

Ian said...

Isn`t it ironic that the dogs that no one seems to be looking for show up and the ones like Penny who have frantic owners searching, can`t be found.
How could no one be searching for Bertha?
I hope to read a happy ending story for Bertha and Penny and Jenny.
You know the pups will be wanted.

Lynda said...

I saw Bertha on the TAS site. She's beautiful. My hubby wants to take "problem" dogs from the shelters into our home and rehab them and make them more "adoptable". Is that possible to do in Shelter-Land?

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Found your blog from it's link on BCRO. Love your comments about one bark at a time.

Wishing I were home right now with this frigid weather and not working!


Fred said...

There is some sort of a fostering program I think but it involves the staff getting to know a person first, making sure they're responsible, etc. I'm guessing they're may be some not so obvious liability issues involved with fostering because officially the city would still own the dog but it wouldn't be under its care, etc. so they need to be careful who the fosters are.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail and we can try to arrange something.