Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Animals in film

Maybe you've seen this already but last year, CBC's The Fifth Estate aired "Cruel Camera", a fascinating behind the scenes look at how animals are treated by the film industry and it's far from being all treats and cuddles. This investigative report doesn't have much to do directly with dogs but it does deal with how animals in general are manipulated and sometimes abused on screen for our viewing pleasure. It also ties in with what I'm going to post tomorrow (if I can get around to finishing the piece) about the questionable practice of staging acts of animal cruelty on video as an effective funding incentive used by certain animal rights organizations.

You can watch the whole Fifth Estate's "Cruel Camera" here. Parts of it are sad but nothing too graphic. This program also ties in with the recent news of the "domesticated" chimp who went on a rampage, mauled a person and was eventually shot by police.

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