Thursday, February 19, 2009

From here

One Bark at a Time is now listed on Alltop which is a blog listing service. It works like an online magazine rack for blogs so you can go there and peruse stuff and see if anything catches your eye. Thanks for making room for me on your shelf, Alltop.

More than that, though, getting listed with them does make me wonder about where I'm going to take this blog. A while back, I wrote I was going to slow down with the postings but apparently this is somewhat akin to trying to break a hard wired habit because it hasn't happened. I'd still like to slow down but now that I'm actively trying to do decrease the output, I've got too much to write.

Hmm, maybe if I try to make myself poor, I'll get rich.


Barb said...

I am glad you're still writing!!

It is interesting to note that on a day when you reflect on your decision to "slow down with the postings", you post 3 times! :-)

shel said...

Congrats on the Alltop listing Fred - absolutely well deserved!

You'll appreciate this...

Fred said...

Barb, yes I posted 3 times but they were short posts :>)

Shel, thanks, that was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Conrats Fred!!! Maybe now more people will find your blog and enjoy reading it as much as I do. In a perfect world, then everyone would know about TAS and all the amazing animals would be adopted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fred! I read your blog everyday, so keep writing that wonderful stuff!