Thursday, February 19, 2009

Purple haze - part 2

I fall asleep and hear Ingrid say to Wayne, "Wayne this one's all yours, baby," and she hands him the pup but Wayne is busy preaching to the television cameras about love and respect for all of God's beautiful creatures so he passes it along to his darling, John, and John lays the pup down and casually crushes it with his foot all the while picking food out of his white teeth and smiling. "You are a good boy", says Wayne and he brings out a tub of crystal clear water and washes John's feet.

I move away from them and walk amongst the 100 and more remaining dogs who are snarling and cowering and barking and crying and I want to take them out for a just a while, a small thing, a stroll along some city sidewalk but I can't because my arms cannot reach them and suddenly they are so far away I can barely see them.

"I cannot see the way," I say to Wayne and he says, "Do not fret, they are in our good hands now," and he opens a cage door and takes out a dog and the dog is unsure but wags its tail. "See how it loves me," and he smiles for the television cameras and pockets a cheque for one thousand dollars and then he gives the dog to Ingrid and she swallows it whole.

"Yummy in the tummy," she says.

Then Wayne takes another dog, a puppy, and cradles it like a child for the cameras and pockets a cheque for two thousand dollars and then is about to give the pup to John but as it passes by I reach out to touch it but John snatches it away and says, "Mine, you prick!" and he takes it and he swallows it whole.

Wayne reaches in for a third dog and this dog is scarred and blind and when Wayne reaches in, the dog doesn't sense his presence until he touches it and then the dog nuzzles the hand and Wayne pockets a cheque for three thousand dollars as the news cameras record and then he lifts the dog up out of its cage where it has spent almost all of its short terrible life and he carries it out and he lifts it high and then he winks at it just before he swallows it whole.

And in the dream, they continue but I don't remember any of it until the end when all the cages are empty and the trinity unfold their blood red dragon wings and fly away.

On Feb. 17, after seizing dogs from an operation that bred fighting dogs, Wilkes County Animal Control euthanized 146 Pit Bulls, including 19 new born puppies, under the recommendations of Humane Society United States. No proper individual dog behavioural assessments were done to see if any could be saved. Best Friends volunteered to do the assessments but they were denied. KC Dog Blog and Caveat have the details and the links.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

A sad reality. Thanks for posting. It is a good reminder to us all.


Caveat said...

Too realistic for me, Fred.