Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on Riley (with photos)

Sigh of relief for Riley. From Blue Ribbon Rescue, where Riley was being fostered:

Just want to let you know that Riley was adopted by a lovely couple this afternoon. They fell in love with him on the spot and took him home right away.

You were absolutely right about him. He is a wonderful dog and very friendly and affectionate. We all loved him here-we had no trouble at all with him except when we were walking dogs. Mister always had something to say about that! We simply walked him first, put him in a crate in another room until we were done and then brought him back to the boarding area.

An all around nice dog who has gone to live in a semi-country home with an older retired couple and a LARGE fenced back yard to run around in. They have no cats and no other dogs.


Ian said...

That`s great.
I hope they find your blog and send you some pictures of him in his new home.

Fred said...

Yeah, so do I. It would be very interesting to hear what his owners have to say about his hips.

Lynda said...

Great news, Fred. What a beautiful dog.