Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update on Scooby

Scooby (Corgi on the right) was just adopted by the mother of TAS volunteer, Susan. While Scooby may have to work harder on his conversation skills if he wants to impress Blondie, another TAS graduate from a while back, everyone else thinks he's just charming.

3 ...

... 2 ...

... 1 ...

... and out.

all photos by Susan

Actually, Blondie may have just been playing hard to get. According to Susan:

Scooby stopped by my place on the way home and met Blondie. Blondie is officially in love. After Scooby left she keeps looking for him crying.


Ian said...

That`s wonderful news for the little fella.
It didn`t take him long to capture another heart.
Hope he`ll send along some more pictures when he gets settled in to his new life.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww thanks for posting these Fred. Love it. I can't wait to get some photos of scooby at the farm. Hes doing very well. My mom can't get over how calm and easy going he is. He could care less about her 5 cats and gets along great with Hillary our Husky shephard. All is well!


Lynda said...

Another happy ending! That's awesome Fred!

It was great to finally meet you yesterday. I saw the pics you posted on the meetup site - they're really good!

Take care,

Fred said...

Great to meet you and your 3 out of 4 dog family as well, Lynda. Hope your CCs had as much fun as your Dane.