Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, that didn't last long

I went to TAS this afternoon, despite there being no adoption or stray dogs, to visit Jenny and her two pups who are still too young to be separated from their mum just yet.

I also said goodbye to Wally who is going home this evening, hopefully for good this time. He'd been adopted and returned once already last week after less than a day with a new owner. Someone told me the reason the owner gave for giving him up but it was forgettable. The usual blah blah.

Goodbye Wally

While there, I came across this little stubby legged guy, Scooby, who had just been brought in yesterday. He was found curled up in his owner's lap who had been dead for two days. No living arrangements had been made for the dog so the family signed him over to TAS for adoption.

Hello Scooby Doo

Of course I'm going to say this: We must remind ourselves that if there is any chance of us dying, and at last count that would be 100% of us, we really need to make arrangements for our pets. That may sound insensitive but it's not as insensitive as neglecting to make sure a beloved pet has a secure future.

This guy's story will have a happy ending, though, because he's an adorable sausage of a dog who will be everyone's favorite. I took him out for a walk and some photos and he was very well mannered on leash and sat whenever I stopped. He's easily trainable with a gentle, owner focused personality.

By the time I got back from the walk, a new dog had just been brought in - another owner surrender, again for the same forgettable reasons. This one was an 8 month old puppy. She seemed a little scared but was highly affectionate, constantly trying to crawl between my legs, and quite submissive. All the experts at TAS say she's a Lab/Pointer cross so that's what she is.

Hopefully, both these two wonderful companion dogs will be on the adoption floor before too long.

Update on Scooby here and here.


Ian said...

Reminds me of the story of Greyfriars Bobby...faithful to the end and beyond.

We really do have to think of what will happen to them.
It`s not just something for the elderly to think about.
You can leave for work and not come home due to a mishap on the road.

I hope they all get great forever homes but I`ll be watching for Corgi`s follow up especially.

Fred said...

You know, I'd heard the name Greyfriars Bobby but never knew what it was in reference to. Thanks for bringing him up to remind me to do a wiki search. Good story.

Anonymous said...

THE CORGI IS AMAZING. I fell in love with him at first sight. I honestly wanted to just keep walking him all the way home. He is the sweetest, cutest dog. Perfect in every way. Poor guy, loyal to his owner right till the end. He will surely be adopted FAST! I wouldn't even give it a full day. He is that cute!!

So thrilled about Wally!!!! Apparently he was returned because he chewed. Duh! he's a dog. I would have asked the new owner "did you give him a bone or any toys to play with?? no? well then you suck!!Then I would have put the new owner back into Wallys Kennel and said "how does that feel"? LOL


Lynda said...

I really like the videos you're taking, Fred. They give the dogs more of a "3 dimensional" feel. And Jenny and her pups are just too darn cute!

Joanne said...

While you are doing the Greyfriars Bobby story, here is a link to Hachiko, a Japanese dog from the 30's known for his loyalty to his master. For nine years after his master's death, he went to the train station every day to wait for his train. Apparently Richard Gere is making a movie about the story. Another dog movie to add to your list.