Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on Marty

Marty at Toronto Animal Services

From Marty's (now Rex's) owners:

Since adopting Marty, my husband and I have changed his name to Rex. Although the Jack Russell has been labeled as very high energy & hard to calm down, I have not found it difficult to care for him. Rex has not been trained yet, but he does continue to use the bathroom outside although we have had a few accidents inside. He has also learned a few commands. He is very much a lap dog and loves all the attention we provide. He especially loves to literally burrow himself under our comforters at night and always sleeps through the night. The only real issue that we have had with Rex from the day of his adoption, is that he whines quite a bit. Even if he is not muzzled or in his kennel, he sometimes whines. I am confident that with a little more exercise and activity, we can get rid of this problem soon. Rex has seen the veterinarian since his adoption and his evaluation was great. At the shelter, my husband and I were told that rex had some aggression issues with other dogs much like other Jack Russell's, but through experimentation we have come to find that this is really just playfulness that he was exhibiting and is really more interested in playing with other dogs that he encounters. Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with our adoption and I'm sure if Rex could talk he would agree!

Rex at home


Ian said...

What a great update and Rex and I share a few things in common.
We both whine on occasion for no reason and we have the exact same comforter/duvet on our bed.
As far as annoying habits go,I always tell people what my grandmother said to me many,many,many years ago.
My grandfather snored a lot and I once asked my grandmother if that really bothered her.
Her response was this.
"The thought of never hearing his snoring again bothers me more."

Lynda said...

What a great update! Thanks for posting that Fred!

Ian - thanks for the reminder. Your grandmother is a very wise woman.

House of the Discarded said...

Awww....I think they should let Marty/Rex do whatever he wants and spoil the hell out of him!

He's a sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

yay for marty/Rex! I really liked him and found him to be a real joy to be around. He definatly brightened my day on our walks together!!!

Congrats Rex on finding a loving home!!!!