Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi tens for the new year

From Toronto Animal Service's yet unnamed scampy little terrier who reminds me of Scrat,

And also from lovely Cinnamon,


illona from scruffy dog photography said...

OMG, send that scampy little terrier my way pronto! he's another perfect mascot ... in fact, more perfect than my current scruffies!

if ONLY i had room for one more. what a DOLL!!! you have no idea how much i'd love this little guy.

Fred said...

Yeah, he's an irresistible handful. I'm sure he'll find a home in no time, if he hasn't already.

Caveat said...

He looks like a Scottie, one of my all-time fave breeds. Scotties look the least like themselves when they aren't groomed but I like them scruffy and 'rustic'.

Hope he gets a good home and I wish I weren't up to the bylaw limit of 3 dogs out here.