Saturday, January 31, 2009

Too many Canadians in L.A.

I was on Caveat's website reading about Ingrid Newkirk's latest spew against Pit Bulls in the L.A. Daily News when I noticed something interesting in the comments section of that newspaper. Out of 26 comments (so far), only 2 commenters agreed with Newkirk's kill all Pit Bulls stance and one of those wrote "I read in the Bible that Pit Bulls are instruments of Satan," so you know that person's either a barely functioning idiot or even more ironic than a Leafs fan.

The remaining 24 comments were vehemently against the Ingrid "Meat-is-not-murder-as-long-as-it's-Pit-Bull-meat" Newkirk kill message and, here's the holy shit part of it: out of those 24 comments, 8 of them were from Canadians. I mean WTF?

Personally, I blame Caveat for that. Doesn't she know there's enough of a brain drain of Canadian talent heading south already? And doesn't this just give Americans more fodder to abuse Canadians? They're going to start thinking we're all just a bunch of polite socialist mounties living in igloos with Pit Bulls pulling our sleds.

Hey, now do you think that would work? Pit Bulls pulling sleds? I hear they're really good at pulling although most of the ones I've met would rather sit in my lap and slaughter me with kisses than do any real work. Oh Ingrid get your gun and save me from their tongue lashings.

"We euthanized her worm-infested, scared-to-death, unsocialized young pups."

The best thing about Ingrid's annihilate the victims philosophy is just that. Annihilating victims. I mean, no one likes victims. They're so, I don't know, morose and they're always complaining about being "abused" and "neglected" and "tortured". Who wants to listen to that? Certainly not a busy business woman like Ingrid. She's got fundraisers to go to goddammit. She's got stars with nice tits and asses to woo. The easiest solution, then, is to just get rid of those thin skinned, whiny four legged bitches and sons of bitches.

Can you say "injection"?

Does PETA really rake in 30 mil a year in donations? Does PETA really only save a couple dozen of the thousands of dogs they get their hands on? Does PETA really believe that the best way to animal utopia is through animal extinction? Who knows and who cares. As long as the star studded cash happy gravy train keeps on serving Pit on a spit, Ingrid's going to be just fine.

Can you say "dead dogs in a dumpster"?

Shit, now I've gone off on a tangent. Where was I about polite Canadians?

Oh, never mind.


Barb said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

And this: "I mean, no one likes victims. They're so, I don't know, morose and they're always complaining about being "abused" and "neglected" and "tortured". - BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Well, although it IS funny, it would be a whole hell of a lot funnier if it wasn't so true.

But this is a wonderful post! Thank you!

Caveat said...


btw I think 'Kathy' was joking about the toys of Satan thing...the mention of spoiled rugs was kind of a giveaway...

You're cute when you're mad, Fred.

Anonymous said...

Another Canadian here - BRILLIANT POST!

Especially the bit about Ingrid's horrendous "annihilating the victims" philosophy! about annihilating PETA as an organization...would Ingrid ever cry VICTIM? I think her ego is too massive for that.

It is so disturbing how Ingrid has been able to manipulate such a massive amount of people into her doctrine. They are her victims too.

borderjack said...

Fred: nothing to do with this last post. Needed a way to tell you that you're my hero! I came upon your blog because of missing Penny. Am losing sleep over her, and praying she's found. As part of the search, I've learned that you volunteer at TAS. I have two dogs from there, and I love them more than I can describe (and, as any crazy-in-love, biased parent will tell you, they're the best dogs in the world!). Anyway, we need more people like you in this world. I don't know how you do it, but thank God you do.

Fred said...

I think Penny is worrying a lot of people. That's kind of amazing, though. One lost dog and people throughout the city are looking for her.

I'm really glad you're the proud parent of a couple of TAS dogs. What are they're names - if you don't mind me asking? If you got them in from TAS South in the last year or so, I might have some photos of them.

Anonymous said...

Fred you're awesome. Keep the posts coming.

borderjack said...

Hi Fred -
(I agree, you're awesome). My dogs are from the TAS north shelter. Don't ask me how I got there - I live closer to south. I blame the dogs! So you wouldn't have pictures of them (which is too bad, because I'd've loved to see them), but if you'd like to see two TAS success stories, I've posted their photos on

borderjack said...

As for Penny, the city-wide search is a credit to her owners and their tireless love and dedication. If anyone deserves to find their dog, it's Penny's owners. Where is good karma when you need it???

Ian said...

It`s too bad you can`t post that little picture with the caption.
Has this woman always been the President of PETA?
I seem to recall years ago that they didn`t have the reputation that they have now or perhaps they just kept their ultimate goal hidden better.

Fred said...

Hi Ian, Newkirk founded PETA and it's always been her show. In her own mind she's compassionate about animals but somewhere there seems to be a loose wire and that compassion turned into some warped extinction philosophy when it comes to domesticated animals. She feels she is the one true spokesperson for our pets and they're telling her that they'd rather be obliterated. She's doing everything she can to help achieve that goal of a petless society. No exaggeration. Just do a Google/Wiki search of her quotes.