Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What does $1 get you?

- half a bus ride (or is it a third of one now?)

- a part of a shoelace (I just bought a pair. Laces are expensive these days. Who knew?)

- 2/3 of a North American made chocolate bar (or 1.5 of a made in China counterfeit chocolate bar. Yes, they make counterfeit chocolate bars with counterfeit milk laced with real melamine - well at least something's real)

- 10 minutes of parking downtown (after 30 minutes of frustration trying to find a spot)

- eternal karmic gratitude from the dogs you help to save in this province by overturning Breed Specific Legislation now being challenged in court

Caveat and FrogDogz do a splendid job of explaining the Banned Aid legal campaign. So, press some buttons. Donate some change.


Caveat said...

Hey, thanks for posting this Fred. The fundraising is going well and a lot of people are joining the fight.

Down with BSL! Save the Dogs!

Fie on the Fiberals!

Lynda said...

Awesome post Fred. I just donated and shall send this info to all my friends. Let's hope enough money is raised in time.