Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just in:

Max - always smiling

Liz - sis to Goldie

Goldie - sis to Liz

Dug - two handfuls of cotton candy

Unnamed Pointer - velvety puppy fur

Joe - your best friend


Caveat said...

Stop! Have mercy!

I'm up to the bylaw limit here, man :>)

Ian said...

My compliments to the Photographer.
You always seem to capture personality.

You didn`t ask but my first thought when looking at the unnamed Pointer was OREO.

Lynda said...

How many times can I saw "Awwwww!!"??? LOL!

As usual, WONDERFUL photos Fred!

Anonymous said...

what a great looking bunch!!!


Anonymous said...


Oreo is a great name I think its perfect. good call


Steve Bartlett said...

I'm glad I have two dogs already; I couldn't pick just one of them (I'd have to adopt them all).

Anonymous said...

Super photos. Haven't been for a while, just catching up with all your posts!