Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on Pomelle

Some photos from Pomelle's (now Ellie) new owners:


Monica said...

thanks for the update Fred - she looks wonderful - nice happy ending for her. I hate hunters - a yound kid I work with goes hunting every fall - he said it's a real thrill - I kicked him out of my office & told him never to bring it up again. Harsh maybe - there's no middle ground for me - at least Ellie's owner surrendered her - others are not so lucky. I accidentally clicked on a you tube video of a guy & his kids who had just shot a rabbit. It didn't die - the kids were fascinated - it made me sick.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I hope they are feeding her up: she looks so thin! Did she come in that way -- not worth feeding because she was no longer able to hunt -- or was she simply not happy in the shelter?

I'm glad to see the coat. Without a layer of fat for protection, she would be in real danger from temperatures in an Ontario winter.

Good on Ellie's new people for taking her in -- and on her new sibling for helping her adjust to a new, and we hope, better life.

Lynda said...

Looks like they have a nice property. Perfect for Ellie.

Ian said...

That is so great to see.
It really is thoughtful for the new owners to let TAS and interested folks see the new beginnings for these dogs.
At least the previous owner gave this dog a chance at a new life.
I`ve known many hunting dogs that didn`t get that chance.

Fred said...

Ellie came into TAS exceptionally thin and being kenneled up in a stressful environment probably didn't help. She appeared very healthy, though, and so with some TLC, she'll hopefully get that layer of fat she needs for the cold.

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like she ended up on some pretty nice land. Shes going to look amazing once she puts on a few, very much needed, pounds. Wally, the other hunting dog that came in to TAS, and is still there, is also very very thin. I just want to take him home and give him lots of TLC. I sure hope someone takes wally home soon and gives him as great an oppurtunity at a good life as Pomelle has. Fingers crossed this week