Sunday, January 18, 2009

For entertainment purposes only

I was planning on photographing the new dogs just arrived at Toronto Animal Services but the snow isn't going to let up so I decided to save it for tomorrow. Instead, I've wasted several hours this afternoon watching youtube videos.

The internet is evil. Such a time waster but it does have it's upside. You see, my original retirement strategy was to start doing drugs when I hit 80. I figure by then most of my friends and relatives will be dead or as equally brain confused as me and I may as well while away my final years of decrepit old age solitude in a drug induced euphoric stupor.

I can't wait.

I do realize, however, that my preferred option might be a pricey proposition, (unless, of course, recreational narcotics are covered by OHIP by then) and it's quite possible I won't be in the right financial circumstances to support a long term, hopefully heavy, drug habit. You think dealers give seniors old age discounts?

But anyway, now there's the internet and so if I can't afford to inhale from the pipes of blissful smoke, I can always induce mental and spiritual stupor from chronic over-surfing.

Skateboarding Bulldog:

Balloon killing Jack Russell:

And this one, which is ostensibly about a really smart dog, and it is, but the thing I found even more captivating is the relationship between the dog and his owner:


monica.irwin said...

I read about a week ago that Skidboot died - what an amazing dog.
I really enjoy your blog.


Ian said...

If everyone loved their dogs as much as Skidboot,you might just be out of business at T.A.S.
I know we have always loved our dogs that much and that`s why there is NOTHING that would ever make us surrender them or allow them to pass without us being present to say thank you and good bye.
And the only trick they`ve all been able to do is the treat on the nose and they haven`t earned a penny or helped pay a Bill.
What a beautiful video.

Fred said...

Thank you, Monica.

I didn't realize Skidboot had died. He certainly brought his owner much love and joy.

monica said...

Apparently he died in Mar. 2007

Lynda said...

Ya, I cried when he died and believe Monica is right - it was a couple of years ago. What a wonderful dog he was.

Thanks for the videos Fred - I love watching You Tube!