Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Jenny, a Shamagopoo, was brought in by her owner along with her two remaining Jashamagopoogle puppies. Considering how rare this breed is, I'm quite surprised that the owner was willing to relinquish such fine specimens of some of the finest, most sophisticated breeding this dog aficionado has ever seen.

Jenny, a Shamagopoo

Of course, the ex-owner's claims about the dam's and puppies' lineages were not to be believed at first but then he produced a bill from P.J.'s which confirmed that Jenny's lineage was indeed true and we can only conclude that the sales staff at P.J.'s that day must have been mad monkey crazy to let her go at such a bargain sub-basement price of merely $1999.00.

But our maverick didn't stop there. He was obviously a man of ambition and vision and he wasn't satisfied with Jenny's already superior genes. He wanted to improve on them and to that end he left his intact JRT/Pug cross and intact Jenny alone to do what intact dogs do best.

7 week old Jashamagopoogle puppies

The result was a magnificent litter of seven, five of which were given away. I suspect that if the ex-owner's choice of premature puppy recipients was as carefully planned as everything else he's done so far with regards to his dogs, we may have the privilege of guest housing some of those pups at TAS in a few months.

While such risque and, dare I say, opulent breeding has not been seen in weeks at least, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Jashamagopoogle becomes the next "it" dog. Agents are calling and I hear there are already two book deals and a movie in the works. All interested parties might want to get one of their own designer furballs before the bandwagon starts rolling and they become the latest A-list celebrity accessories.

I don't want to have to say I told you so.

note: Jenny really is one fine dog and the photo above doesn't do her justice. I couldn't get her to relax long enough for me to get a good shot because she was a concerned mum and was anxious to get back to her pups.

Update on pups here and here.


Caveat said...

Cute pups, weird combo. Shar-pei/pug/mastiff I can picture. Adding Poodle, GR and JRT?

The only thing I can come up with is a pariah type which might have short legs or might not.

Why did the owner turn in Jenny and the pups? Any reason? Besides total ignorance?

I detest PJs and their 'percentage' dogs. People are suckers, aren't they?

Fred said...

Multiple choice question: Why did he dump the mom and pups?

a. Didn't like them anymore
b. Felt like it
c. It was the weekend
d. Accidentally flushed brain down toilet that morning

Answer given: b

Real answer: you decide

Barb said...

It sounds like all that TAS needs to do is put a price of $1000 or $2000 on the pups and they should get snapped up in a flash!

What an idiot owner. He's the one who shouldn't be "intact". :-)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the puppies are very cute although I can't envision what they will grow into as adults with the variety of breeds. I hope they aren't adopted by people who think they are cute now and then abandon them when they grow up to have somewhat "different" looks as adults.

I too detest PJ's and will never understand what possesses people to pay their outrageously inflated prices. I feel like it's general knowledge these days that PJ's et al. further the puppy mill trade and do not come from reputable or ethical breeders. Maybe people just like the "one stop shop" concept of picking out puppies of all breeds and mixes? Ignorance must be bliss.

I hope Jenny and her pups find good homes soon!

Lynda said...

I can't believe PJ's is still in existence.

Jenny is really really cute and her puppies are huge! I hope homes are found soon for all of them.

I was listening to a couple of women talk on the Go Train the other day. One of the women wanted her dog to have puppies so her children could learn about "life". I put my headphones on and turned my music WAY UP after that.