Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Border Collie pup Angus

Remember the five feral Border Collie puppies that came in last year? Anne and Pete, who run a dog rescue just north of Toronto, took in one of the five, Angus, for rehabilitation. For the longest time, there was no news about him but, just yesterday, Anne and Pete came by to visit TAS and mentioned that Angus had been adopted and then later sent us photos of Angus in his new forever home. He looks resplendent and deservedly so. If you've watched the video of him when he was at TAS you'll see he's traveled a long road to get to where he is now.

Below are the photos of Angus with the last one being a photo of Dooley, a dog Angus befriended at Anne and Pete's Rescue and who helped Angus overcome his fears to a great extent. The new family was kind enough to adopt both Angus and Dooley together.

Here's the letter from the Angus' owner:

Hi Ann and Pete,

First of all though I just want to again thank you both again for these beautiful babies. They have just brought so much joy to our lives. Dooley is absolutely wonderful, so calm and easy going, nothing ruffles his feathers. He is extremely affectionate and loves to be cuddled. He still chases the kitties around the house but in a playful manner and just loves to help me out in the kitchen. His diarrhea has cleared pretty good, they tested for numerous things but feel it is just a sensitive digestive system so we have him on MediCal Gastro both wet and dry as well as 1 tablespoon of pure pumpkin puree on top. This seems to have done the trick. Our wee Angus is coming along beautifully, he loves to play in the backyard with Dooley and then they both drop (fast asleep). He walks so well on a lead, it is amazing, never pulls. Of course he is still shy with strangers but if he is in the house and on his bed in the bedroom he will let anyone pat him. He is also a little hesitant about running around in the house, still prefers to be in his safe spot on his bed. He too is a bit of a snuggle bug and loves to have his belly rubbed. We go for an hour walkies in the morning and an hour walkies at night. In between they snooze and play in the backyard.

We just love them so much.

Thanks again.

Knowing the wonderful transformation Angus has gone through from the first day he entered TAS to how he is now just makes me want to cry - but I won't because I'm too manly for all that nonsense.


Ian said...

Angus and Dooley are both very handsome.

It must make you feel so good to see these dogs in their new homes.
I don`t even know the dogs and these stories make me happy.

Fred said...

Yeah, this one is very much a feel good story.

jan said...

It wasn't too many years ago when "experts" said that feral dogs could never be made into companions. I'm so glad animal training methods have reached a higher level.

monica said...

Thanks for the update Fred - so sweet that the adopters took his buddy as well. I did see the original pictures & the videos - it was heartbreaking. You guys did a great job! Made my day!

Lynda said...

Another wonderful update - thanks Fred!

Anonymous said...

That dog is Gorgeous oh my god! Hes so big too. What a gret great ending.


Miz Minka said...

The family sounds just besotted with their fur-babies. How absolutely wonderful. I love happy endings!

onequarterdal said...

Wonderful footage and nice follow up story. Its it great they adopted both? I like the original footage of the tan and white pup smooching his soon to be "dad".