Monday, July 28, 2008

Adoption Update for Smiley, Boomer, Blacky, Olivia and Chub Pug

It's been a busy weekend. These guys are all adopted.





Chub Pug, renamed Gigi, is now being fostered in Pugalug Rescue and her adoption info can be found here.

Chub Pug (Gigi)

So that just leaves Irene from last Wednesday's photo shoot. I'm surprised that she isn't gone yet. She's got a real winning personality but I guess that's sometimes hard to see from within a kennel.


deakat said...

This is fabulous news!

I ran across your blog while looking for a friend I haven't seen in some time, and decided to stick around.

I've syndicated you to so that I can read your posts on my Friends page, and share them with others. Hope you don't mind.

Fred said...

Don't mind at all. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Thanks.

Caveat said...

Great news. Irene looks like an intelligent, sensitive dog.

I'm sure she'll find a home.

Ellstar said...

Irene is now adopted!