Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on Smiley

From Smiley's new owner:

Hi Fred,

My partner, Catherine, and I have wanted a dog for a long time now and until recently were not in a position to do so. Early in our search for our dog we had spotted Smiley’s profile online. Catherine was immediately drawn to Smiley’s story and was especially moved by the fact that she had broken her leg. The fact that she has a permanent limp didn’t lessen our interest in her; we were willing to put in the extra effort if needed. However, I was a little skeptical of what this dog would be like…

That all changed when we actually met Smiley. In a room of other barking dogs we found her, quietly wagging her tail. She was calm, sweet tempered and very beautiful. It didn’t take too long while playing with her for us to make our decision; we adopted her the next day.

At this point we still had no idea about what had gone on in Smiley’s past. I contacted Toronto Animal Services to get some information so that our vet could have a clearer picture of her broken leg. Elizabeth Abbott got back to me to explain Smiley’s past. Her story really moved us. Not so much the fact that she was injured by a car or that she lived on the streets of Serbia but that she had all that happen and still came out smiling. She is one of the most loving dogs we have met and I baffled as to why that is. She is truly a remarkable and special dog. Catherine and I are grateful for the rescue efforts of Ms. Lowther and Ms. Abbott. Without their support we never would have met the best dog living today!

Currently Smiley loves her new home. It took no time for her to settle in. She has more playful energy than she knows what to do with and I think she’s about the only one who doesn’t know she has a limp. It’s hard to keep up with her on her walks! The only downside is that she loves us too much; it’s really hard to leave for work when we know she misses us so much. It doesn’t help that Catherine and I spoil her every minute we are home with her however, we like to think she deserves it!

Thanks so much!

Nathan Goold.

P.S. Enclosed are some pictures of Smiley enjoying her new home!


Anonymous said...

Fred, from Srbija again.

Probably Smile(y) is so attached because she has never had the exclusive affection of humans before: she has always had to share it with the dogs in our Residence or in Pancevo. But I think Nathan and Catherine should be strong -- do not let her persuade you to come back once you have left, and give her lots of love when you come home, and she will soon adjust to the routine. She is young and smart -- she would also benefit from basic obedience classes -- in English. Her training here was in Srbijan.

Also, the stuffed animal is a very good idea. We have had a few come from Elizabeth, and we find they are excellent comforts for dogs with insecurities, or recovering in cages from various operations. Maybe a couple more good size ones, that she can snuggle as well as carry, will help her through her adjustment.

We are all soooooo happy for Smile(y) here! She is such a sweet girl, and so affectionate, and we were so scared that she would never find anyone to love! From Cathrine, Ivana, Goran, Stanko, Tanja, the vets, and the Animal Rescue crew, to Nathan and Catherine, thanks so much for appreciating our wonderful girl and giving her the chance of a life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred,

Thank you for the words of advise and encouragement. I'll look into getting her more stuffed animals (she's going through the current one really fast). We're already looking at obedience classes too.

Best regards,