Saturday, July 5, 2008

Notes from Serbia: Things I'd like to say

One good thing about being in a place that isn't saturated with polite, political correctness is that you can tell off the jerks. This is a letter I got from Jelena Kostic:

Today a man came from a village nearby, at 12 when the sun is hottest, brought an old dog, German shepherd mix,
Doesn’t want to keep him anymore because he is old, and he said you'd better take him, so that I don’t have to kill him. Can you imagine that brain? I said You are old too. Why doesn’t someone kill you? He said he had grandchildren and he was afraid they would catch something from the dog. I said What can they catch, old age? He is not sick.
I asked him to do me a favor and never ever get another dog as he is not suitable to keep one.
He just left the dog which he previously tied with a rope to the tree. Poor dog was so tired, as he walked few kilometers in the sun, that he didn’t even look at him leaving.

Well done.

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