Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Notes from Serbia: Kitten

from Jelena Kostic:

I usually have a lift to the shelter on Sundays, other days I walk, but fortunately I had to go earlier yesterday.

In one of the few houses I pass by on the way there, I heard an old woman I sometimes help carry her bags up hill as she is really old and bent,call a kitten to come to her. I turned and saw how she grabbed it and put it in a rubbish bag and tied the bag, I just couldn’t believe. I asked her What are you doing? Where are you going to take it?

She said To the better place

Her son was standing at the door and I asked him as well, he said the kitten was sick, and they had to get rid of him.

I asked them to give it to me. Kitten had her colon popped out. The vet put it back. She is ok now, sleeping on the roof of my house. She likes it here.

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