Sunday, July 27, 2008


photo by Jelena Kostic

Sivkica has arrived. It was touch and go for a while there with some baggage mix up almost preventing her from being taken on board the flight from Serbia but now here she is. Finally.

Sivkica's story starts more than two years ago when one day, as Jelena was out and about, a little grey dog started following her around. The dog followed Jelena as she first stopped off a friend's house and then kept following as she continued onto her own place. Unfortunately, when Jelena showed up at her house with the new dog in tow, the dogs at Jelena's house chased the little one away. Instead of just taking off, the new dog went back to the friend's house and waited there - which is where Jelena eventually saw her again.

"The saddest thing is that as she is such a loving dog, she would follow anyone who said something nice, like I did, but she didn't because no one ever noticed her. She lived there in front of the mega store. My friend Nina goes to college there by car and fed her . Luckily the dog catchers didn't work at that time."

photo by Jelena Kostic

The little dog's persistence paid off and she was brought to Jelena's shelter. Sivkica spent the next three years there, outside but with a dog house, summer and winter, like all the other dogs, and managed to survive.

And now, she's made it to Toronto.

She is an adoreable schnauzer terrier mutt, friendly with people, dogs and cats. Easy to walk, very pleasant personality. She's come through the harshness of her early years unscathed. Now, while she awaits in her foster home for someone to adopt her, Sivkica will have a soft bed to sleep in, green grass to roll in and protective arms to embrace her.

Sivkica has been given a new name, Hannah Joy, and her adoption profile can be found at Happy Tails Rescue but I don't think she'll be there for long.


Anonymous said...

Fred you called it. Hannah spent 2 weeks with me before she was adopted by a lovely couple in the Weston area of Toronto. She was a wonderful easy-going house guest and we enjoyed our time with her.

Please say hi if you see her walking about with her new family!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl...I'm all teary!!