Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Profile: Ellie

Ellie, eight months old when she first arrives at Toronto Animal Services, is smelly and dirty but after a good bath she presents very well - cute, young and friendly - and is adopted out within a couple of weeks to a family with children. The parents want to teach their kids the responsibility of pet ownership.

A few months later, Ellie is returned to the shelter. The parents say that Ellie barks and nips when playing. Maybe next time, they should try to teach their children responsibility by buying them a stuffed toy.

Ellie, though still young, is no longer a puppy. The family neglected to teach her any manners so bad behaviours have become entrenched and this second time round through Toronto Animal Services, no one wants to take Ellie home.

After several weeks, TAS manages to find placement for Ellie in a Lab rescue. There, she undergoes training before being put up for adoption again. Eventually, she is adopted out to a more responsible home.

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