Thursday, May 27, 2010

TAS South dogs in review May 27

Scrappy's kind of a dumb name for a dog hoping to get adopted so I hope someone changes it because Scrappy isn't scrappy at all. This Cocker Spaniel is super friendly, at least with people, and didn't seem to have any problems with the couple of dogs we passed on our walk.

Scrappy - Cocker Spaniel

Six months old and all the way from Portugal, Poncha is an amiable Chow Chow who, I'm told, has a bit of a bark which is why her owner gave her up after moving into a condo.

Poncha - Chow Chow

Hugo will make an ideal family dog. I have no doubt he'll be quickly adopted if he isn't already.

Hugo - German Shepherd cross

For adoption information on these and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.


Baby Charlie said...

great dogs! Scrappy is certainly no Scrappy (as you said) ... he is SWEETY! Sweet wee dog that needs to gain a few pounds. Hard to believe Poncho was a barker...when I took him out..he never "said" a bark! Hugo is gorgeous loving dog too. All three deserve loving homes soon!

deakat said...

Hugo looks like he'd be the perfect brother for my Summer girl. If only I had the money and time for another dog...

Anonymous said...

What kind of mix is Hugo? German Shepherd and what else?