Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Euthanizations ongoing at OSPCA Newmarket shelter

50 gone already.

From The Star, 50 animals already euthanized at OSPCA:

“Fifty have been euthanized, sadly,” said OSPCA chairman Rob Godfrey. “I’m heartbroken about the 50.”

Godfrey added, however, that the OSPCA has considered each euthanization on a case-by-case basis.

He said some of the dogs that were put down had been slated for euthanization due to other health problems prior to the ringworm outbreak.


He said most of the animals affected by the fungal disease are cats, but 15 of the facility’s 45 dogs have been euthanized thus far.

Of the 45 dogs, 10 are in the process of being moved into isolation and 20 more are still awaiting assessment, Godfrey said.


YesBiscuit! said...

"He said some of the dogs that were put down had been slated for euthanization due to other health problems prior to the ringworm outbreak."

Which was at least several weeks ago. Which means OSPCA had dogs who were medically hopeless and suffering for WEEKS and they are just getting around to releasing them from their suffering NOW, which happens to coincide w/a mass killing for ringworm?

Anonymous said...

Some sources say that all of the cats are gone....Godfrey says 50, who do you believe?

House of the Discarded said...

Of course the cats are gone - the cats are ALWAYS the first to go.


Lynda said...

This is madness! How the hell did this get so out of control?

Who are we supposed to trust?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how hopelessly unhealthy those dogs were before the ringworm. Dentistry, anyone? I would not put it past these people.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you defend the OSPCA to Kate Hammer and the Globe after the meeting at the Grand? You must be feeling a bit foolish now.

Fred said...

Anonymous, firstly if you're trying to accuse me of something please have the courage and courtesy to at least invent a fake name for yourself.

To your question, I believe Kate Hammer asked me what I thought about the OSPCA presentation and I told her I thought they/Kate MacDonald did a good job. The OSPCA may have made an atrocious error in judgment with regards to allowing the animal euths at Newmarket OSPCA to go ahead, as I believe they also did with regards to allowing the THS to euth the Pit Bulls a couple of months back. That doesn't take away from their question/answer session at The Grand nor does it mean their initiative at pursuing the criminal charges at the THS are any less important nor does it take away from whatever else, good or bad or whatever, they may have done in the past.

Social Mange said...

Good response, Fred.

There are high-kill municipal pounds - Hamilton, for one - that routinely kill dozens of animals, adding up to thousands in a year, most being healthy and adoptable. Hamilton routinely has distemper epidemics, shuts down and kills everything. Perhaps people should look more closely at their own municipality's animal services practices and protocols.

Where were all the screamers when these animals could have been fostered? Did any of them take in OSPCA fosters?

How about all the irresponsible owners who let their animals breed, or dump their animals on shelters and rescues?

You're not seeing the forest for the trees, people. There are much bigger issues behind this debacle.

Heather B said...

This isn`t a time for the blame game.
It only takes one person to throw the screws into something good. Many people who work at this facility are just as upset as the rest of us.
My rescue group and many others that I work with,offered to take these animals in, sight unseen and care for them . Our help was refused . Bluntly.
My question is Why?
They are asking for money to treat the 20 remaining animals but wouldn`t allow us to take them on for free. What gives?
I hate politics.

Jamie said...

I'm sure everyone can agree with me that this is not euthanasia. This is killing plain and simple.