Sunday, May 30, 2010

In case you haven't heard, there's going to be a brand new day at the Toronto Humane Society!!!!!!!!!!

Faces of Change is in. All 15 board seats. Updates to follow.

Dear Candidates,

The scrutineers have advised that the following candidates have been elected to the board of directors of the Toronto Humane Society:

Elected for a 3-Year Term:

- Johanna Booth
- Jennifer Downe
- Judi King
- Peter Newell
- Ferne Sinkins

Elected for a 2-Year Term:

- Karen Nasir
- Linda Mackinnon
- Marcie Laking
- Wendy Strickland
- Michael Downey

Elected for a 1-Year Term:

- Crystal Tomusiak
- Garnet Pratt Siddall
- Ian Wintrip
- Kimberly Cohen
- Tom Ungar

The Honourable Sydney L. Robins

The Toronto Star article is here.


Social Mange said...

YAHOO! It's a brand new day, alright!

Time to put our differences aside, our shoulders to the grindstone and help this wonderful group make THS into a world-class shelter.

For the animals.

Heather B said...

The animals can relax now. And I can quit worrying .Thanks for the update, Fred.

Anonymous said...

It's a good start, butonly a start. It's reassuring that the membership made a clear choice to put the animals first. But there is still a lot of work to do to get from the commitment to change to fulfillment of change.

Now is the time for those who care about animals to ask themselves what (more) they can contribute to getting the THS where it should be. Maybe it is an increase of $10 in the annual donation, or an extra hour of dog walking or cage cleaning, or volunteering or donating for the first time.

It's not over yet, but at least it has begun.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news. I understand the board's work starts tomorrow, although outreach to exemplary shelters has already begun.

Anonymous said...

Of course it isn't over, but for YEARS it hadn't even *started*. In fact, there were huge obstacles to change starting at all.

So this is really just n indication that the obstacles to starting reform are gone. But that is a HUGE deal. I'm so relieved!

Thε Countεss said...

And it is a brand new day. Now, the easiest part done, we can all work towards helping the animals they way they deserve it.

Congratulations, Faces Of CHANGE.