Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looks like they're reconsidering

From yorkregion.com, .You may be able to help save animals

The Ontario SPCA is asking qualified residents and local veterinarians who can treat ringworm to contact them with services you can offer to help save the remaining animals that were scheduled to be euthanized today.

The euthanizing of more than 350 dogs, cats and other pets went on while protestors cried and pleaded for the animals to be saved.

Tanya Firmage, the acting director of animal care, is asking qualified residents to contact the Ontario SPCA directly.

You can contact Anne Buonaiuto at 905-898-7122 or e-mail abuonaiuto@ospca.on.ca

Professional dog groomer Erikah McNeice is donating her time to shave and give medical baths to infected animals saved from the Ontario SPCA. Ms McNeice can be reached at emcneice@live.com

Now let's hope there are some heroes out there who can give these animals temporary homes.


Meaghan Edwards said...

Bless you, Erikah, and anyone else who is stepping it. It may be too late for some animals, but this will make all the difference for the rest.

LilMac said...

Have they halted the euthanasia to wait to see if any help will be forthcoming?

Fred said...

LilMac, I don't think so. Seems like they are assessing the animals one by one and any they deem savable will be available for foster. This information isn't confirmed.

selkie said...

and frankly, i don't have a lot of faith in what they consider "savable"....

Anonymous said...

Hi Meaghan, thanks for the link to the York story over at the Toronto Star. That led me here. Nice blog Fred.

It seems that the OSPCA might finally be reaching out for help. About time.

Tony R,

shannon said...

Yes, Bless you Ericah. According to their own Mission Statement and I quote : The Society’s goal is to become a strong, unified and collaborative organization dedicated to the cultivation of a kind and compassionate Ontario for all animals. As they've admitted this catastrophe was completely avoidable, and as usual, the animals pay the price for human ineptitude. Many poor little souls have already been killed because the very people they trusted, and we trusted, and put our faith in betrayed them, first by not even caring enough to notice the first case way back, then let it go on for months. Just what kind of care were these poor animals going that this ringworm went on for so long undetected. DISGUSTING!! Lets face it, it boils down to $$$$$$$. I hope to God that heads roll over this disaster, and that the conscience of all the workers keeps them up at night! You should all be ashamed for betraying those who trusted you the most when they had no one else to turn to... poor, poor furbabies. BTW, CEO Kathryn McDonald makes $165,000/yr plus $32,000 in allowance all on donations! But she's willing to save some $$$$ by killing defenceless animals not for rabies, or parvo, but ringworm. Yes, she's worth it (note sarcasm), but the defenceless animals who trusted the system aren't. DISGUSTING!