Saturday, May 1, 2010

Out and about with Stella 1

Stella's never had a chance to see much of the city so this summer I'm taking her around and playing tourist. I'm not sure how much she's going to enjoy this and maybe this is more for me than it is for her but we'll never know until we try.

I was a little concerned at first because when we got into the car and started driving towards Kensington Market, Stella started trembling, thinking I was going to bring her to the vet and the last thing I want to do is wreck her heart from anxiety.

Luckily, it didn't take long for her to realize that a visit to the vet was not on the agenda. She calmed down and put her chin on my shoulder. That's sweet as long as you don't mind having something like a 135 pound infant drool all over your clothing.

Our first stop was the butcher's, specifically Stella's butcher. This is where she gets all her meat so I figured she should see the place. St. Andrew's Poultry is on St. Andrew's in Kensington Market and they have excellent prices on chicken plus Nick, the owner, is a fantastic guy. I also get boxes of big beef bones there as well as various chicken innards and ground beef. If you don't know the place, check it out.

St. Andrew's Poultry

Next we took a short walk through Kensington Market. I wasn't sure how she'd react to the crowded streets and sidewalks. There were lots of new smells for Stella. I could tell she wanted to explore. She'd crane her neck this way then that but she never pulled on the leash and she didn't stick her nose into any outdoor displays of food or try walking into any of the cheese shops. She behaved like a charm.

Kensington Market

We made short stop in Chinatown. Stella drew quite a bit of attention as we walked around trying to find a spot for a tourist photo. Again, I was surprised at how well behaved she was. Now thinking about it, I wonder if she wasn't experiencing a bit of culture shock.


It was starting to rain, so we made a quick dash into the park behind the AGO for a final photo before heading back to the car.

Art Gallery of Ontario - south side

I can't be sure but I think Stella enjoyed herself out on the town playing tourist. I'd like her to see as much of Toronto as possible before the end of summer.

I wonder if the CN Tower lets dogs up the elevator.


Ian said...

I enjoyed seeing Stella play the Tourist.
Great photos.
She is very well behaved unless you`re giving her that "don`t you dare" move eye.

Atrus said...

I've heard that the ferry to Centre Island allows dogs. :)

Miz Minka said...

Such a good dog!!! And I'm positive she enjoyed spending the time with you. That's what good dogs love best: spending time with their people. Especially once they know you're not going to the vet. ;) And if you have treats for them, so much the better.

Fred said...

Hi Ian, Stella was pretty good about staying put once she sat but there were a couple of spots where the ground was a litte damp and she really didn't want to sit. She was probably waiting for me to put my jacket down for her or something.

Atrus, thanks, that might be a good idea. I'll have to test her out on the ferry somehow to make sure she doesn't get freaked out.

Miz Minka, yes, more snack stops next time.

Anonymous said...

Fred, I think its great that you are taking Stella on mini-adventures. As long as she is with her people I'm sure she's loving it.

Cathrine said...

Dogs love smells: go to smelly places! I'll bet Chinatown had lots of unusual sniffs -- dried snake and other special Chinese delicacies and remedies.

Instead of the Tower, which would not have great sniffs, maybe a trip to a farm, or an expedition to the dump? Think nose, and you can't go wrong....

It's great that you are doing this for Stella. May you have a wonderful, loving summer....

Deebo said...

Aww this post is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes (in my defense, I'm 6 months pregnant). I love the Chinatown picture, she looks like she's very interested in something off camera.. (Possibly one of those delicious Peking ducks hanging in a shop window). I wanna give Stella a hug!

hopy said...

stella is so awesome. what a great idea, fred!

let us know if you're planning on a trip to the east end - leslieville or the beaches could use a visit from her.

Anonymous said...

Wow Stella you had quite the tour. You lucky girl.!


hopy said...

oooh, and good idea about smelly things, Cathrine. i know there are always lots of dogs in Riverdale Park (on the Cabbagetown side), and the farm is right there with cows and horses for prime value-added smelliness.

Anonymous said...

I love this post and I bet Stella loves her adventures, especially without Rocky! *LOL*

Lynda said...

Fred - great shots, as usual! We take the Twins to the Island - you need to go NOW, as Centre Island opens soon and then the ferries are packed solid! We only go in the "off season", April & May more than any other month. Paul was just there with Jack yesterday.

If you want to come with us, let me know - I may be going this Sunday.