Thursday, May 20, 2010

THS kitten nursery to stay open

Today, volunteers got a letter from Bob Hambley, president of the Toronto Humane Society, concerning yesterday's notice about closing the kitten nursery.

Dear Volunteer,

Helping abandoned kittens is an important part of operations at the shelter. We have helped thousands of kittens survive and adopted them into new loving forever homes.

Many new policies and procedures have been recommended by the experts at UC Davis. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with them and apply their expertise to the running of our shelter.

No final decisions have been made regarding the in-house kitten nursery, staff have made no such recommendation to the Board.

All recommendations from UC Davis, including the in-house kitten nursery, in the THS revitalization plan are able to be reviewed at the discretion of the new Board of Directors which is set to be elected on May 30th.

Personally, I strongly support the continuation of the kitten nursery program including the return to 24 hour operations at the shelter.

There will be many changes at the THS that will positively benefit the animals and we are pleased you are part of this process as we move forward together.

Thank you.


Bob Hambley
Toronto Humane Society

Thank you very much Mr. Hambley for reconsidering this issue.


Joanne said...

Guess he heard the death knell for his tenure sounding......

selkie said...

There was a blitz on craigslist yesterday of posts begging people to email and fax the THS - giving their numbers - asked people to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send a fax, email etc saying NOT to close the nursery - good for them - it worked.

Social Mange said...

Hey, lookit dat. Bobbo can dance backwards.

Liz said...

He likley sent out the email yesterday & then prepped this hero routine for today. Hambleys an idiot.

Thε Countεss said...

Are they toying with the volunteers and their feelings? It seems to me all these organizations say one thing first, and then they retract by saying 'oh, that's not quite what we meant..' It is unfair to the volunteers who actually worry and care about the welfare of the animals in need. I am glad this guy Hambley supports - or so he says - the 24 hr operations and the kitten nursery. I was already dreading what could happen if they shut it down. I personally think there are too many voices behind Hambley. He really has no clue that the F is going on at the THS. Please, if any of you are a member and are able to vote, please choose all of the Faces of Change people. You KNOW they are dedicated. Right, Fred? :)

Anne said...

My shelter has been working with UC Davis for i believe over a year now- and we've had very positive results from all of their recommendations, so i hope that THS will have the same.

I think it was Kate who said it best on the precursor post- the best way to save lives is to offer subsidized spay/neuter to prevent the kittens from being born in the first place