Monday, May 31, 2010

The final numbers in THS elections

Voting results here.

Total Toronto Humane Society members: 2686

Only 29.37% of members voted.

52 ballots disqualified.


Heather B said...

I would like to believe that now the THS has an energetic , honest and animal oriented board, that the actual membership will go up.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why more of the members didn't participate in this election after all of the news coverage in November/December.

Hopefully this new board will motivate people to become more involved in the THS.

Fred said...

From what I understand, though the participation numbers aren't great, they're above average for this kind of election.

Some members just want to donate and that's fine too as long as the ones who do vote take the time to research their options.

Thε Countεss said...

So, after reading the results and the voting and all of the percentages.. and the names of the new board.. please, Fred, tell me Ian McConachie will no longer be the spokesperson for the THS.

Ellstar said...

I honestly think some people who are members don't realize they are members. When I was donating to the THS last year I donated 25$ or whatnot and was not even told or aware membership privileges were just a few dollars more. So I wouldn't be surprised if some people had donated to be members and not realized that getting a calendar or whatnot meant they had voting privileges.