Thursday, May 20, 2010

Watch this tonight at 8

Sorry for the late notice.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin on TVO at 8 p.m.

Pet Politics

Recent events at both the Toronto Humane Society and the Newmarket OSPCA raise the question 'what is the right time to euthanize an animal?' Is there a fine line between the humane treatment of animals and cruelty?

Faces of Change candidate Hanna Booth will be on the show along with Kate Hammer (Globe and Mail), Brian Shiller (OSPCA) and Liz White (Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fred. Missed a couple of minutes, but did manage to catch Steve Paikin’s “Agenda” just now on the subject of pet politics. Now that’s an episode I would cheerfully watch again. Our Dr. Hanna Booth, Brian Schiller from the OSPCA (sitting on the same side of the table, heh), Kate Hammer and Liz White from Animal Alliance of Canada had a collegial and informative discussion on some very tough questions.

A principled and intelligent discussion, I thought, so unlike the non-debate with Michelle last evening. I’d way rather have live-blogged this.

Fred said...

Yeah, it was pretty good wasn't it? I think Liz White might be my new hero if only because she surprised the hell out of me by suggesting that people donate their money to Toronto Animal Service as a message to both the THS and OSPCA to get their shit together.

Anonymous said...

Caught that remark too. She certainly is my new hero also. What a knowledgeable and proactive lady.

Am staying up way past my bedtime to catch her and Dr. Hanna again on TVO.

Thε Countεss said...

I always liked that show. Sometimes, it was quite informative and I really liked the debates on it. So underrated! Sadly, now that I live in Finland, I cannot watch TVO. Do you know if it is possible to watch it online, anywhere? Kinda makes me sad I left Toronto at such a crucial time - after protesting against Trow and all of that. But my pittie needed freedom as well. I wonder if I could watch that CP24 debate between Michelle and Hanna as well.

Anonymous said...

Caught this in re-run. These discussion are never long enough. I had to wonder why someone from THS wasn't there because you know there will be belly aching about this.
I also think the guy from OSPCA got off lightly regarding the question of why they didn't reach out for help earlier.
Right on to Liz White!

Anonymous said...

Ms. White suggested that all shelters make their stats public. I was very disappointed that Mr Paikin didn't ask Mr Schiller why the Ospca doesn't do this. An oppertunity wasted.

Laura HP said...

I really like Steve Paikan, he's a nice guy and he does a good job, even when he's not familiar with the topic.
TAS really came out positively from that debate. It was certainly an interesting discussion.