Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unnamed Great Dane

unnamed Great Dane

It's not often I see a Great Dane up for adoption at Toronto Animal Services South. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a Great Dane up for adoption at TAS South. This girl came in with someone who claimed her mother found the dog. When asked for the mom's phone number, the woman said she didn't know it. When asked for her mom's address, the woman said she didn't know it. When asked for the woman's own phone number, the woman said she didn't know it, that it was on her cell phone which was back at her car.

I'm not sure if this is a purebred Dane or not. She's big enough - about the same height as Stella but skinnier.

She's also very timid. And she unfortunately growls when stangers approach her. That can be pretty disconcerting coming from a dog her size but Stella can sometimes be the same way so I know what that's about. She just wants the introductions to slow down.

It took a few minutes of leash walking and slow and gentle attention to gain her trust and then she was lovely.

She was probably a backyard dog. No leash manners (but not bad on a leash nevertheless), filthy, insecure around people and other dogs (she hid behind my legs when a Cocker Spaniel walked by). She's going to require some work and by someone who's hopefully familiar with the breed. This all means she might be difficult to adopt out but with time and dedication, I'm sure her inner shine will come bursting through.


Lynda said...

Fred, does TAS not work with the breed specific rescues when they receive dogs like this? She certainly is a gorgeous dog, I would love to see her in person. I love that look she's giving in the photo, lol!

Fred said...

TAS already contacted Great Dane rescue but as there is some doubt about whether or not she's a purebred, the rescue won't take her - at least not yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not an expert but she looks purebred to me (or at least close enough) would be great if the rescue would take her.
She's so gorgeous...I've wanted a dane my whole life but right now I'm in an apartment and from reading this blog and seeing what you've spent on Stella's vet care alone (not to mention food), frankly I couldn't afford it.
Oh well, I can dream...maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

Her body is just like a Dane, but her muzzle not so much....Nevertheless she is a beauty and I wish the very best for her.

Lynda said...

Really? I didn't know they did that, I'm sure I've seen mixes on their website.

Cheryl said...

It might be the angle of the photo but I think this dog has Catahoula in her. I would suggest contacting Catahoula Rescue (Ontario) and ask them to have a look at her photos because they take in cross-breeds. Fingers crossed. (