Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirty-eight new charges laid against Toronto Humane Society directors

OSPCA press release, Thirty-eight new charges laid against Toronto Humane Society directors:

Animal cruelty charges under the Provincial Offences Act relate to 2009 investigation of the THS

Markham, ON (May 27, 2010) - The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Ontario SPCA) have laid 38 additional charges of animal cruelty against 14 former directors of the Toronto Humane Society under the Provincial Offences Act.

Those charged are: Former THS president Tim Trow, current president Bob Hambley, as well as Stephen Dooley, Brenda Hind, Sandi Hudson, Pamela Inglis, Alan Johnson, Valarie Jones, Carol Lupovich, Patricia McIlhone, Joan Milne, Laure Overton, Delores Quasim, and Wilfred (Bud) Walters.

These charges stem from the Ontario SPCA investigation into animal cruelty and mismanagement at the THS, and are in addition to Criminal Code charges against six former THS staff members, including Mr. Trow.

These latest charges are based on allegations that 38 animals were found to be in distress by veterinarians when the Ontario SPCA executed its search warrant on the THS on Nov. 26, 2009. As directors of the corporation running the THS, the accused are responsible for the alleged actions that led to the distress of the animals under their care.

Bob Hambley is still running for the board of directors of the Toronto Humane Society. He supports the Save the THS slate and is hoping to fill one of the two vacancies STHS is leaving open if they get voted in.

The THS animal welfare oriented slate, Faces of Change, strongly opposes the re-election of Bob Hambley because of the seriousness of the charges against him. Faces of Change wants to sever all ties with the old board and their animal cruelty related charges.

This post reads like electioneering for the FOC slate because that's basically what it is although I realize anyone who's still going to vote for Hambley at this point isn't going to be swayed by any amount of argument.


Rachelle said...

"This post reads like electioneering for the FOC slate because that's basically what it is..." That's ok, there's certainly been enough of that in the last several weeks... gotta love politics (or not!) especially with the STTHS slate taking the angle of FOC being tied to the OSPCA & making it seem like they're just a bunch of disgruntled people who don't want to let go of the past. Quite the opposite actually, they are all very eager to break free of the old ties and start anew and have proven their dedication by working tirelessly to reform the THS, long before the OSPCA stepped in.

Unlike the STTHS slate which in it's onslaught of email blasts and telephone messages claim they too want to break free from the past but is that really so? There are many alleged ties to the old board and Bob Hambley, current THS president (charged with animal cruelty) has even aligned himself with the STTHS slate and suggested that members vote for STTHS slate PLUS he and Margaret Johnson. Coincidentally (ahem) there are only 13 candidates on the STTHS slate (13 + 2 = 15!). If they really wanted to break free from the 'old politics', why on earth does Michelle from the STTHS slate actually seem to defend Bob Hambley and has admitted to having him at one of their meetings... ?!? This just doesn't add up for me and I hope many other members can see that something doesn't seem right about this and actually vote for the FOC slate.

FOC has absolutely proven that they are in this to improve the conditions for animals, staff and volunteers alike. They have been and are in this for the long haul. They will be getting my vote this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

You'd think the OSPCA coulda thought of this last week since by now the majority of ballots are, well, in the mail.

The new board will have a huge mess on June 1. If it's largely Faces of Change, I know they will want to turn that around.

Anonymous said...

Redstar Cafe, probably the reason the OSPCA didn't lay their charges in time to influence the mail-in vote is because they had to deal with the fallout from their plan to kill all 350 of their own animals for ringworm.

Anonymous said...

Rachelle, either that or the STTHS 15 - minus Michelle, Bill Townsend, Hambley and MAJ - have I missed anyone with, say, business relationships? - have absolutely no ties to anything. I don't believe any of them are THS members or have actually walked the walk there, and they seem to be more interested in the OSPCA than the THS, so what's their motivation for running at all?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anonymous. We're all pretty much aware of the Newmarket shelter issues of the past few weeks and the continued fallout. I doubt that's what delayed the charges.

Anonymous said...

"The OSPCA said the charges were delayed because the THS impeded access to relevant documents." This is such bullshit!! The OSPCA occupied the THS facility for over four months!! They seized and took possession of even personal items of employees! It's obvious what they're doing. The ART/FOC slate has been in bed with the OSPCA all along. As I previously posted here, back in Jan-Feb I alerted ART to the killing of animals in THS under the OSPCA control and they responded by telling me to contact Kate Macdonald even giving me her number. Yes. the same Kate Macdonald whom criminal charges should be laid against now. She, Godfrey, and the OSPCA board should all be resigning!

Anonymous said...

"Yes. the same Kate Macdonald whom criminal charges should be laid against now." That's all I'd like to know is who charges the OSPCA when they neglect animals?

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, this was a blog post about the charges against the THS board for animal cruelty.

A bunch of Anonymouses might be more effective checking out the various Facebook pages to bring Macdonald and Godfrey to account for attempting to euthanize 350 animals for no good reason, rather than trying to drag this post off topic.

Anonymous said...

Formerly I was hoping that it would simply dissolve, but now I wish I *was* a member and had a vote!


Social Mange said...

Yes, Anonymous, go join the Fiends of THS *grin*.

And take your tinfoil hat(s) with you.

Anonymous said...

more charges against THS ex-staffer and chief vet Steven Sheridan and current staffer Jiha Humayun. This time with regards to the Ministry of Natural Resources investigation of the THS's now defunct Wildlife center wherein Sheridan was the wildlife Custodian and Huamyun the supervisor.

Apparently the current THS doesn't know how to clean house and still employs, if not criminals, people who are accomplices of Trow and his gang