Friday, December 4, 2009

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Friday

I needed a sleep-in day and this was it. I didn't get to BFAS until about 10:30 and so only had enough time to walk a couple of dogs before lunch.

Here are Pepsi and Benson.



Along with tonight's sleepover dog, Monique, I have to say again that every dog I've met with here at Best Friends is highly adoptable and I wish we had a Star Trek transporter to zing some of these guys to TAS because they would get taken home fast. Most of these dogs know their basic commands, walk well enough on leash, are affectionate and not over rambuctious - at least not compared to some of the dogs that have gone through TAS and have still found great homes.


At lunch, Jana came up to me and introduced me to a couple of people, Canadian ex-pats from Toronto now working for BFAS and we had a very long conversation about the events at the THS which it seems a lot of people here are now gradually hearing about.

I couldn't help but feel a little bit envious of the two of them in their new lives, content in what they are doing despite some of the major adjustments they've had to make in moving here. Like so many people here, the both of them dropped their old lives to be here to work with and for animals. That's not something I could do - at least not right now.

Since today was my last full day at BFAS, I thought it only fitting that I try to get some photos of the stars of Dogtown since in one way or another, they are responsible for me visiting this place.

Unfortunately, John Garcia wasn't around today which was unlucky as I'd seen him around every other day but I did manage to get a few minutes with Michelle Besmehn, the co-manager of Dogtown. If you've ever watched the National Geographic show, you know who I'm talking about.

We talked a little about filming the series, about how nice the crew was, about the show's affect on BFAS and I could have gone on and asked a bajillion much more pertinent questions about managing successfully a home for orphaned dogs but I'm sure she was busy and I was just playing the part of a tourist.

Michelle Besmehn and Blueberry

Michelle is holding a puppy mill rescue dog whose name I can't remember but who I kept calling Blueberry because she's got one dead eye which looks like a blueberry. That's kind of a gross joke at the expense of the little girl but that's okay because you know dogs have a great sense of humour.


borderjack said...

Hi Fred,
The hyperlinks for Pepsi and Benson navigate to two different dogs (Baja and Rufie-O - also very cute). Does that mean Pepsi and Benson have been adopted?

Best & have a safe journey home

Fred said...

Yeah, thanks for that. I'm not sure if they changed the links or if the errors are a result of me trying to write at 3 in the morning.

-J. said...

The little one is Roxie!

Fred said...

Oh, yeah, Roxie. Thanks for the reminder, J.

Kris said...

I was at Best Friends this week and saw Benson. I found him on your site googling his name. I'm sad to think he's been there since 2009. He's a GREAT dog, so sweet and friendly!