Thursday, December 24, 2009

Toronto Humane Society sues OSPCA for $15 mil

From the Globe and Mail, Humane Society sues OSPCA/.

The Toronto Lawsuit Humane Society embarking on another legal attack against those who would dare criticize it? It's not much of a surprise but like death and taxes, it's still not an event anyone looks forward to.

I could go on and write pages about how sick this whole situation is but I'm just not in the mood for this bullshit. This lawsuit will only prolong for who knows how long whatever hardships the animals in the THS facility are enduring and just so that eventually they can go back to the way things were? Is that the grand plan of the old THS clique?

Fuck that.

I say save the animals and let the old THS fall if it is going to get this mired in shit and mud. We need a new animal welfare organization in the city.

More THS fail here.


Anonymous said...

I-N-S-A-N-E...right now, I am so disgusted by this I can't even think straight. Like you, I am burnt out by this whole thing and I'm not even involved...I'm just reading & hearing about it! I'll probably comment more later but right now I am going to take a looong nap.

Anonymous said...

The THS at it again. I have lost count of the number of civil suits they have filed, the number of criminal suits, provincial offences, labour arbitration, etc... People are just now outraged that donation money is spent on litigation? The least expensive year for litigation at the THS was 2007 with only $100,000 spent, which is a lot of kitten milk replacement. So far this year it at $450,000+. They sue to keep Bandit, to take a parrot away from a lady, cover Tre Smith's legal costs, the DUI's and sexual harassment suits of their managers and supervisors. And those are actually the low-cost but high publicity ones. Then there's the millions spent to deny people membership lists; countless wrongful dismissal suits; Human Rights Tribunal cases; doubling up on lawyers in ACRB hearings where no lawyers are needed; "consulting fees"; SLAPP suits that have been reported and others you haven't; labour arbitration, etc...
The litigation is expensive, but what is also outrageous is the 2:1 ratio of supervisors to workers (including vets and techs and cleaners).

Social Mange said...

I'm with you, OBAAT. Save the animals and let THS fall into bankruptcy and oblivion.

What a sad end to what once was the GTA's premier animal welfare organization. Now it's nothing but a roiling mass of insanity fueled by ego, and the animals continue to suffer.

Start the GTA Humane Society and state in the by-laws that any past director, executive or supervisor of THS cannot be a member or director of the GTAHS.

Laura HP said...

Merry Christmas to you too, THS.
This is just unfathomable. I guess hoping that all this would be a wake-up call for them was too far-fetched. I'm going to pretend they don't exist until after the holidays...

A more sincere Merry Christmas to you, Fred.

Anonymous said...

The last time the THS was a premiere animal welfare organization was a seven day period in 1955. It's always been a roiling mass of meglomanaical madness. This time, well the first was with Trow in 1979-1984, they've added animal cruelty to their achievements. There legal fees this year are actually tame in comparison to the 1987 Vicki Miller debacle.
I say that the City of Toronto should make an offer to buy the shelter they helped buy in the first place, call it the Toronto Humane Society, but have it run by the City under Toronto Public Health. The city will upgrade it, clean it and make it sanitary. Until then, this little interlude with the OSPCA will not last, and it will go back to being a cesspool of animal and human suffering.

Anonymous said...

How much longer are those animals going to remain in prison while THS rearranges the deck chairs on the Titanic?

Hillary said...

The new adoption center was always a failure. It was likely put at the edge of the city to gain more animal cruelty investigators for free Toronto Sun coverage of animal abuse cases, for the appearence of progress and self-aggrandizement, photo-ops. I know and knew several people who worked there, and they barely see any one come in there except for bank employees who are on their lunch break and hardly any adoptions. In any case, it has only been open for just over a year, so no trends can be gleaned as to lower or higher adoption numbers, let alone the causes. The number of cats quoted in that facility is exaggerated.

In terms of staffing, there was one cleaner at the store, which, to be fair, is all they needed. But why 3 managers/supervisors?
The adoption center was a waste of money, they couldn't care for the animals at the main shelter but went ahead and spent on rent, salaries, transportation, etc... Money which could have been spent at the main shelter where animals weren't even being fed and watered and vetted properly. The good thing about that adoption center is that the animals there were in sanitary conditions, most of the time when they remembered to order cleaning supplies, and got to get out of their cages for exercise part of the day.