Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on Boomer

Great letter from Boomer's owners:

Hi there, we adopted this awesome dog from your shelter back in May and I tell you this, I have never ever seen a dog quite like this! I am so grateful that nobody took him before we got there. This dog is too much!

We are now management of Green Acres Campers Group (a seasonal live in trailer park for mostly Seniors/Snowbirds)! They all love Boomer (aka Ronnie)! Boomer is mouthy, but the biggest suck ever! At night he watches for any lil bit of movement here at the park, plus listens! We had no clue we were going to get this job, but I tell you, Boomer is a star here! He plays well with the lil dogs of the park, he drives in a Golf Cart so proudly! Claude takes him around the park for company at night times and Boomer is the guy! Listening for any sort of movement!

He talks to us! Really talks to us! He has fields and fields of green grass to run! He sleeps with us too, perhaps that is not the right thing but do you want to tell him to get down? He talks with his eyes as well and sits on Claude like a baby! He has to touch Claude everything Boomer does! Even if it is his foot on the couch! After we lost Bumper after 18 yrs, Claude was reluctant to get another dog! Well I want another one now! hahahahahaha

Thank you so much again guys, you did an awesome job with Ronnie, and we cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to enjoy our new family member!!

If we had to get another pup, it would definitely be worth the drive again to tend to your shelter and adopt 1 of your guys! I totally promote rescued dogs now, as well, I tell them where to go and get one, your shelter!!!

I wish we had known more about Boomer's background though, as he shows signs of his past with things we do! Driving through Tim Hortons for the first time, he knew exactly what was in that building, TIM BITS... omg omg omg! lol Many things, and I wonder if he does not leave Claude's side because he does not want to be separated again from his owner! I don't know, but I do know this, we all love Boomer so much, he definitely brightens our days!

Have an awesome holiday everyone down there at your shelter! I hope Santa spoils you as he has spoiled us with the gift of Boomer!


House of the Discarded said...

I was merely enjoying this little update until I read the part about the Timbits and started to cry! It must've felt like an old friend to Boomer when he went through the drive-thru...

What a great home for Boomer!


borderjack said...

This is so joyful! Just terrific...

Anonymous said...

This is great... I remember Ronny...I still have his picture saved on my computer ( I kept pictures of the dogs I was thinking of adopting or ones that just appealed to me for some reason...and yes, I know that's insane). Anyway, Ronny (Boomer) was one of those dogs but I live in an apartment and I'm sure he's much happier running around at a trailer park. He seems to have gained some weight which is good...he seemed a bit too thin for an AB. I always wonder what happens to these dogs when I don't see them on the website least now I know about one. So glad Boomer found a home where he's really loved...and listened to.

Smartypants said...

The video totally cracks me up! What a wonderful update.

Ian said...

Wow does he ever look good.
He`s really filled out.
Great video.
Love dogs that talk.
Wonderful update by the new owners.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I remember Ronnie and saw him get adopted to this lovely family who, at the time, just seemed perfect for him. Looks like I was right. Great update


Anonymous said...

hahahahah that video is FUNNY. He sounds like Chewie from Star wars