Friday, April 24, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday review, April 24

These first two guys came into Toronto Animal Services South as strays a while ago and their owners haven't shown up to collect them so any day now, they're going to go up for adoption. Someone's already expressed interest in Boomer, the American Bulldog, and you can bet the gentle, brindle Collie mix will have lots of fans as well as soon as it hits the adoption room.

The next two are both Corgis. Well, the first, Susie, is a Corgi mix and may look like a pup but is actually full grown. It's terribly cute with its ferocious brindle coat and big owl eyes.

The "original" Corgi below does look kind of regal though I'm pretty sure it that if given a choice between living with royalty or living with someone who smelled like bacon, it would pick the bacon guy.

And finally, an always popular, very friendly black Lab.

Update on Susie here.

Update on Boomer here.


Jenn said...

These guys all look lovely! Thanks for doing these Friday reviews, the shelter website is not all that up to date on the available dogs, so it's great to have this resource.

Fred said...

You're actually getting a bit of a sneak peak here. The TAS website only lists the dogs that are already in adoption whereas some of the dogs shown here aren't ready for adoption yet (waiting for spay/neuters or for a rescue to pick them up or whatever).