Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Travis

Sometimes a dog just can't seem to get adopted from Toronto Animal Services and ends up malingering in its kennel for several weeks. Travis was such a dog.

At first, there was another male dog in the adoption room whom Travis didn't like at all and so his bad behaviour whenever he was walked by or near this other dog probably turned some potential adopters away. Later, after the other dog was adopted, Travis, being a high energy dog, just wasn't settling well in his kennel.

Staff put him in one of the larger play rooms with big windows to the main upstairs lobby and Travis did much better there but still no one wanted him.

I liked the guy and couldn't understand why no one had chosen him yet. He was clean, healthy, handsome, affectionate and while not the best on leash, certainly wasn't the worst. And yes, he had some issues sometimes with other male dogs but, again, nothing impossible to handle.

After another couple of weeks of no one showing any interest in Travis, it was decided that his chances might be better elsewhere so he was placed with Nickquenum Dog Adoptions, a great dog rescue based out of Guelph.

Rescues generally (though not always) operate by fostering out dogs to volunteers' homes where a dog gets to live in and experience a stable home environment. That's of course ideal for most dogs but especially for higher energy dogs like Travis.

I didn't hear anything about Travis for a while and then just a few days ago, Toronto Animal Services got this e-mail:

Travis got a great home with someone whose dogs are his kids. Travis showed no dog aggression and in fact he shares his new home with another big male dog. When the 2 dogs first met the other dog kept mounting Travis but Travis just ignored him and then they just hit it off. Thanks for saving him he is a really nice dog.

News like that always makes my day.

Thanks Nickquenum!



Jenn said...

I've just started reading and wanted to say thanks for such a fantastic Toronto resource! I'm hoping to adopt a rescue within the next year, and love seeing all the wonderful dogs you post along with their stories. My family has had PWD's for the last 20 years due to my mom's allergies, so while I know a lot about dogs the whole rescue arena is new and fascinating to me. So thanks again for sharing your wonderful photos and educating me in this important area.

Fred said...

Jenn, thanks and I hope you enjoy your stay.

jan said...

I love stories like that. It's like there are dogs should get together with certain humans and it takes a while to find the match.

Ian said...

That`s great for Travis.
I hope the family will send in some pictures when he gets settled.
Is your blog site handed out with each dog that is adopted or sent to Rescue?
If not,it should be.

Fred said...

Ian, no my blog isn't officially connected with TAS. It's better that way. Otherwise, I'd have to stop using foul language and only write City of Toronto approved spin - and that would be no fun.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the success of the "Vick Dogs" causes shelters to review their policies re vicious dogs.It has been my experience that minor behavioural problems are used to justify "killing" these animals.