Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reserve dogs

Toronto Animal Services South is helping out with some of the unwanted stray dogs from one of the reserves up north. The working partnership has been pretty successful so far, and last week, four more were transported down and are being put up for adoption. Actually, I think one or two of them may already be taken - yes, I've been slow this week with my posts. It's no surprise, though, because these dogs are super friendly and pretty leash obedient for untrained dogs.

All four are pretty much housebroken. That seems to be one good thing with dogs that have lived most of their lives outdoors: they don't do their business inside the house.

The Border Collie cross was actually considered feral and had to be trapped but now it sure seems to love being around people. I think it's discovered that we're a good source for food and ear scratches.

I think this black Lab was crossed with a bear with its big bowling ball head and tree trunk limbs. Thick coated and affectionate, he'd be good for keeping someone warm on a cold winter's night.

This one's got a really unique look, like a brindled German Shepherd/Collie(?). Also, very friendly and a very good leash walker. He kept checking back on me and barely pulled at all.

This German Shepherd cross was the shyest of the bunch but not in any unfriendly way - just a tiny bit unsure of new people but very quick to warm up and then very happy to meet you.


Anonymous said...

I think it's great that TAS South is doing this.

Sounds like all these dogs have the temperament to be very successful in their new homes, needing just some minor adjustments and lots of love.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!!! can't wait to meet them tommorow!!


Ian said...

What interesting looking dogs.

The first one reminds me of Alf the Alien from that 80`s? TV show.I`m not sure why that first dog reminds me of him but he does.

Pretty amazing that they could adjust so rapidly.
I`m surprised that unwanted outside dogs got this chance at adoption not that they shouldn`t.Someone is very caring.

Fred said...

I'm hoping to do a story at some point on the people who are so generously donating their time and effort with these dogs.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

They're cute. Glad TAS is doing this.