Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pet Expo - part 1

I went to the All About Pets Show at the International Centre in Toronto this past weekend. I got there mid afternoon on Friday and most of the dogs that were being showcased were already exhausted from the hundreds of hands fondling them. They were awfully good sports about it all even when confronted with out of control toddlers or obnoxious adults - that would be me - asking their very knowledgeable breeders too many questions which they were all more than happy to answer.

The place was packed. I don't have the attendance numbers to compare with last year but even now with our disastrous economy, people were willing to shell out $12 a ticket to go wander around a bunch of dogs and cats and lizards and birds. I know we've got a huge pet owner population Toronto, but still, seeing so many all gathered together was kind of surprising. All ages, ethnicities, rich and poor, from pocket pet to giant breed aficionados, all geeking out on pets.

About a dozen rescues/shelters were there, including Toronto Animal Services, and I hope they had an impact on the people in the crowd. Some of their booths, though, maybe because they didn't all have dogs with them, got lost in the hustle and bustle of the crowds and I thought wouldn't it be great to have a show dedicated to just shelter animals?

Anyone got a convention center we could borrow?


Social Mange said...

Hmmm...TAS has access to city parks...how about doing a Rescue Rendezvous in spring or fall in a nice park, Sunnybrook or somewhere on the waterfront with shade (summer is too brutal for the animals - watch all the dogs crashing from heatstroke at Woofstock, especially those with idiot owners), and invite all rescues (dog, cat, rabbit, whatever) in the GTA to attend for a small fee?

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Great pics. I was there Friday morning. A friend of mine was running her dogs in the Flyball competition and talked me into coming over and watching ... man o man I remember why I don't do flyball.


Fred said...

Social Mange, TAS used to, maybe still does, neighbourhood adopt-a-thons at public venues. The one I went to two summers ago was well attended enough but it was small and TAS South only. I think that anything more inclusive would be up to some umbrella rescue/shelter organization to step up and arrange. Hmm, something to look into ...

DDF, yeah those flyball dogs were nuts! Holy high energy! I kept thinking they were going to crash head on into each other as they jumped their hurdles but they're obviously better athletes than my dogs.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Fred - yeah, I wonder sometimes if they collide. I'm sure they do when they first start running together. It must take a while for them to get used to each other.

I actually like the super crazy high energy ... I just find most people who run flyball don't bother to teach obedience. Also ... the incessant barking drives me bonkers.