Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Maggie

From Maggie's new owners:

Hello all,

Its been a while since we adopted Maggie, so in an effort to be true to my word, I wanted to give an update and send some pictures. Maggie is doing very well and has adapted to home life quite easily. Since the first day, she has not had a single episode of submissive urinating!

Maggie has brought our other dog Sam's personality back out after he lost his best friend late last year (Doonarie, our 12 year old Greyhound). They play, tug and wrestle all the time. The cats are adapting to her presence, and she is slowly learning not to chase them. Her exuberance on walks when she sees other dogs still needs some work, but hey - puppies will be puppies, right? With no official birthday, we decided to make her birthday April first to match her goofy personality (as she truly is an April fool)!

She's grown about 1 inch at the shoulders (which are now higher than her behind) and she's put on about 10 lbs (all in the neck and chest) and I have a feeling there's still a bit more to go. Every Saturday, my wife Amanda, Maggie, Sam and I sit and watch The Dog Whisperer and Dogtown on the National Geographic channel together to start our weekend just right!

And now - the pictures :-)

Adoption day - right when we got home

With her new best bud Sam

Naptime interrupted by Gonzo the cat

Who could resist something this Adorable?


Miz Minka said...

I love happy endings.

Ian said...

That`s great.
They really do look like best buddies.
Thanks for the update and the pictures.

It makes your 2nd last story seem even sadder though since we were talking about Labs.

Sully said...

YAY!! I love happy stories.

Caveat said...

Maggie is a beauty, indeed. I remember her from your original photo.

I'm glad she got such a nice home.

See? I'm not always crabby :>)

Fred said...

Caveat, ha, I get crabbiness attacks as well. Contentment is good but contentment doesn't usually get anything done.