Friday, April 3, 2009

Toronto Animal Services Friday review, April 3


Sometimes it doesn't make sense why a dog hasn't already been adopted and Sandy is an example of that. First of all, he's a Lab - alright a Lab mix but close enough - and Labs always seem to fly out the door. Sandy's gentle, affectionate and not too bad on a leash for a dog that's never been properly leash trained. As far as I know, he's housebroken as well.

He had a bit of an issue with one of the other male dogs that was at Toronto Animal Services South but it's hard to say what caused that. Now when I walk him by the other dogs, he seems fine.

So it's been weeks and he's still at TAS. Here's to hoping this is his weekend.


The reason why Peggy has been with Toronto Animal Services for so long is obvious. She hasn't been put out into general adoption. She came in with a bad case of cherry eye and since TAS doesn't put obviously unhealthy dogs into general adoption, she had to wait until it got fixed.

Cherry eye occurs when the gland in the eye pops out. This is often due to hereditary weaknesses. The usual fix is surgery to place the gland back and that's what was done on Peggy. Poor girl had a cone around her neck for weeks as everyone waited to see if the surgery was successful and then the gland popped out again.

Now she's going to need another surgery but the money budgeted for her health care has run out so she's going to Lab Rescue where they'll look after her medical needs.

Did I mention she's a very sweet girl?


Ian said...

Good looking dogs,both of them.

Isn`t it odd that much of Society expects dogs to get along with all other dogs.
Is there any other species where we expect that?
We don`t always get along with all other humans,so why this expectation of dogs.
I find that very strange.

Fred said...

Ian, that's a good point. Our expectations of dogs run too close to a Disney cartoon.