Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ESPN - Vick's dogs in new homes

(h/t to KC Dog Blog for this)

I missed the show last night - hopefully, they'll put it online - but this was their preview:

And some behind the scenes stuff from Bad Rap:

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Cathrine said...

Ah, Fred! The weather is steaming, 38-42 during the day, I have too much to do and no energy, a migraine coming on, and you post this! Not fair!

It is so good to see those dogs together, happy, tails going, loving and being loved, completely sold on the value of just being alive. I'm glad ESPN did the follow up, because it will show more people that not only are pit bulls not monsters, but even the most damaged dogs can often be rehabilitated and live a full life.

But it's the other clip that really tells the story, in just a few seconds. What handsome, happy dogs they are!