Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking bad

Life's been busy this week so not much writing from me today but I have to point you to a shiny new blog that promises to be a shitkickin', in yer face, mondo Pit Bull blog.

It's called Pit Bull Patriarchy and even if Pit Bulls aren't your main thing, I'm getting the feeling the posts here are going to be pretty damn pertinent to anyone who cares about dogs and their place in our social (dis)order.

Here's a taste from the first post,Tremble, Hetero Swine!:

Where do we even begin? I can't possibly outline in this initial blog post all the links between pit bull dogs and broader structures of oppression. First that would mean defining "pit bull" - always a hot topic online - is it a breed, or not a breed? And would ya even know one when you saw one? We'll deal with all that soon. But there are also myriad discourses swirling around pit bulls, both in popular culture and in the political landscape. These are where the real problems lie: in rampant ignorance and prejudice that manifest in neighborhoods, in shelters, in ill-conceived legislation, and that directly result in mountains, literally landfills full of bodies of dead "pit bulls."

But I'm getting ahead of myself. In order to recognize these as problems, one has to be aware that these structures of oppression even exist. If you don't believe in sexism, racism, classism - if you think we've taken care of all that and need to stop squawking - then you're not gonna get it. If you're invested in maintaining the status quo of white male privilege, then you might even want to silence us or worse: hurt our dogs.

Some buttons are about to get pushed.

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