Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update 2 on Travis

I'm really happy for this guy. Travis had been at Toronto Animal Services for weeks and was beginning to develop signs of cage distress/aggression. No one was interested in adopting him and hope was running out.

So, he was transferred to a rescue, Nickquenum Dog Adoptions, and almost immediately his luck changed.

From Travis' owner:

Travis has gained weight - tipping the scales at a little over 24 kilos 10 days ago. This translates to an increase of about 3 kilos since he was adopted. The other dog is Gunther, a rescue from Kentucky. He is about 3 years old. He has a bit of a limp which, when I had his left foreleg x-rayed, turns out to be metal fragments - so the vet thinks that he had been shot sometime in the past.

These two dogs along with Ethan (the Newfoundland X) go with me to Clairville about 5 to 6 times per week where they go off leash and run to their hearts content. All return when called, although sometimes it takes two or three times being called before they come back. They are often out of sight.

Five times a week some friends take them out for an hour on-leash walk in the evening.


Anonymous said...

The update I've been waiting for.. I love this dog so much. Definately top 5 of the dogs I've had the pleasure of spending time with over the past year at TAS.He's my Iditarod dog. A true sport dog. I am so happy for Travis. Its so nice to see his sweet face again. Great that he's put on weight too. He was a very skinny boy. Congrats to Travis and thanks to James for finding a great rescue for Travis to go to.


Ian said...

I like the happy stories.
I had to go back but now I remember Travis.

Thanks for that link on the other dog.I hope that one has a happy ending also.