Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More update on Chewy

Chewy's owner loves him so much, he sent in another update:


I thought I'd send you some updated pictures of Chewy! He's been with me now for 2 months and things are great! I can't thank you enough! He's such a joy to have. Chewy is now mostly housetrained and has full run of the apartment while I'm at work, I forgot that he loves to chew mail though and realized this when I came home last Thursday and found my tax return envelope shredded, luckily he spared the check, aside from a couple of chew marks and some wet looking paper everything was intact!

He loves going to his "nana's" house (my mom) and playing in their backyard with his toys and next week he is going camping for the first time!



Anonymous said...

His hair is growing back so fast...cute. The people who adopted him DID seem very happy with him when they first met him, so glad its working out so well


foxpen said...

What a happy ending.

He looks so soft now; bet he'll get brambles galore when he goes camping. Go Chewy!

Ian said...

Does he ever look good.
He seems to have really filled out unless that`s all hair.
Very nice to see another update.
Hope he enjoys his camping trip.