Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Broken and discarded

Maybe someone kicked her, hard and several times. In the head and at the legs. And then, when she could no longer walk, the person picked her up and threw her into the garbage.

That would have been the end of the pup, suffering the same fate so many other dogs must suffer at the hands of some malignant tumour that disguises itself with a human face. But not this pup. Not this time. This time, the pup is discovered and ends up at Toronto Animal Services.

She has a contusion to her left eye and a fracture in her front left leg. No other scrapes or marks. The eye will heal on its own and a cast is put on the leg. She walks around like a peg-legged pirate.

It's hard not to fall for this little one. She's got everything going for her: cuteness, sympathy, comedic factor, ebullient personality despite the handicap.

In the interest of Karmic justice, I invite you all to say two prayers tonight. One of hope and good tidings for the pup, that she may find a good home and a loving family, that she may forget her early trials and grow into a fine healthy dog, that she may live a long and happy life.

The second prayer, for the person who broke and discarded her, I invite you to be as creatively extreme as you feel the need to be.


Lynn said...

I'm still mad at my boyfriend because he left the mayonnaise out yesterday. That I had the spirit and forgiveness of this little one. I love you, pup. Simple as that. I predict you'll live a long, happy life on this Earth and teach many more of us to forgive and forget as you have.

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for the pup: I'd pray for her anyway, injuries or not, because she is innocent and at the mercy of humans.

And I'll pray for the human, too. But not the prayer you suggest. Instead, I'll focus on the hope that he (it was probably a he) will soon understand and regret his actions, and in repentance, become a great foster person for injured animals.

Stranger things have happened....

Ian said...

Cute pup.
Already said the first prayer and I believe in karma so he/she will get his/hers.

My Mayo Story
My wife`s response to my near death experience
"That was a stupid thing to do...if you had left the Mayo out I would have known enough not to eat it"
Now I know.

House of the Discarded said...

What a precious little puppy. As always, it's beyond comprehension how anyone could be cruel to such a happy little face.

I've said my two prayers...now I'll pray that they come true.

Anonymous said...

This sweet little puppy will be scooped up by a loving family in no time. She really loves those ear scratches and that clover.

I'm adding a prayer of hope for all the Good humans who make life better for our companions in creation.

GoodDog said...

I just want to lay a great big smooch on that muzzle...

Anonymous said...

What's your guess on the breed for this little pirate?

Fred said...

redstarcafe, they've got him listed as a GSD mix. If he is, and if he's only a couple of months old, he's going to be a big GSD.