Sunday, June 14, 2009

The cheese stands alone

Toronto Animal Services (the City of Toronto) on the other hand have taken a very progressive stance on reducing the number of stray animals euthanized, particularly cats, by updating the adoption practices in its own five shelters. Overpopulation caused by irresponsible pet owners who see cats as disposable pets cannot be blamed on TAS any more than it could have been blamed on THS in the days when it provided "pound" services to the City of Toronto.

No, I'm not the one who wrote that. It's actually from an OSPCA letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun in reference to Worthington's column a few days ago where said columnist raised suspicions that he and Tim Trow, president of the Toronto Humane Society, may both be skipping along in the same alternate universe, a universe where the problem of animals dying in cages under one's own roof can be ignored by diverting attention to the purported wrong doings of the city shelter, TAS.

The rest of the letter is pretty good too.

Mr. Worthington's statement regarding THS's 7% euthanasia "...making it arguably the world's most "humane" humane society," again reflects Mr. Worthington's reliance on only one source of information. Comparing apples to apples with other Societies which do not provide Animal Control services for their municipality (THS does not) would show they are no different than most and higher than some.

We are pleased to see voting members of THS expressing their concerns through groups like the Association to Reform THS (ART).

Mr. Trow's insistence to the media that decisions on euthanizing sick animals rests solely with the senior veterinarian conflicts completely with statements made to the media by former THS veterinarians.

Now that Trow and the THS cronies have made enemies out of so many in the animal welfare community, it seems, they're on their own.

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