Saturday, June 20, 2009

Toronto Humane Society

Looks like it's going to pour.

300 people are going to show up and stand in the rain for two hours in front of Toronto Humane Society to voice their discontent over the way they feel some of the animals in that shelter have been allowed to suffer. It's kind of wacko, if you think about it, to stand out there, holding up slogan signs on a perfectly good Saturday shopping afternoon, chanting who knows what shit just to help a bunch of sick animals.

They could be checking out cel phones or sipping latte or punching their Playstations but instead they're going to act like a whole lotta yahoos kicking up a fuss just cuz they don't like the way things are at the THS.

And remember, that's H for Humane. No one protests the Humane Society. That's untouchable. You get the word "humane" in your name and you're like the King James edition. You could be clubbing baby seals for laughs, burning down rain forests for parking lots, destabilizing minor nations for oil and diamonds and people would still think you were the holy love child of Mother Mary and Sis Theresa.

Check this out. Instead of General Motors, how about General Humane Motors? Doesn't that name just make you want to dig deep into your pockets and throw more money at them? Doesn't that name make you want to support their board of directors who have done such an excellent job ru i nning that company?

Or check this one. North Humane Korea. Suddenly, missile nukes in their xenophobic, peasant starved hands doesn't sound so bad.

Or this biggie. Global Humane Warming. Who needs carbon taxes? I feel 2 degrees cooler already.

This stuff don't fly? No, course not. Name don't mean shit unless you got something to back it up with. Humane don't mean shit unless you got something to show it.

Animals living in shit and piss ain't humane.

Animals moaning in pain ain't humane.

Animals caged for years ain't humane.

We got to put the humane back in Toronto Humane Society. We don't do it now, who knows if it'll ever get done. That's what this bunch of crazy, tenacious sumbitches is protesting for.

Skip your shower today. Come stand out in the rain with us.


Today Saturday, June 20, 2 p.m. Toronto Humane Society at 11 River St.


Heather B said...

Wish I could be there to support you but I have too many furchildren who depend on me here.
My heart will be with you though.
Once again, Mr Worthington has only told half the story today in his never ending support of THS. He`s really starting to piss me off. I guess he just didn`t believe the pics and video he saw.

Miz Minka said...

Wish I could be there with you!! Rain doesn't bother me. Posterior orifices like Tim Trow do.

I'm with you in spirit. Hope there's a great turnout and that things at THS are going to change, posthaste.